Volunteer Accident Policies

Volunteer Accident Policies
March 6, 2018 Brett

Volunteer Accident Policies


Over the last few weeks the topic of Volunteer and Accident policies and exposure has come up with several of my non-profit clients.

Volunteer and accident policies protect a non-profit organizations volunteers and interns for medical costs if an accidental injury occurs while performing duties/volunteering on behalf of an organization. Volunteers are a vital and in most cases essential part of a non-profits ability to operate, so covering them in the rare instance that medical coverage is needed is extremely important.   To give your organization’s volunteers the piece of mind that in the event of an accident they will have coverage for their medical bills is extremely valuable.

Some key highlights of Volunteer Accident Policies are:

  • Coverage for medical bills (up to $1,000,000)
  • Accidental death benefit
  • Dental Care coverage
  • Hospital Bills coverage
  • Disability coverage (will pay a portion of the volunteers wages if they have to miss work due to an accident)

Also per the WCIRB volunteers can be seen as employees and subject to the same work comp rates as normal employees below is the bureaus stance on volunteers and interns.

Except as otherwise provided herein, the payroll for each volunteer or intern who serves without pay and who is subject to the Workers’ Compensation Act in accordance with Sections 3363.5 or 3363.6 of the California Labor Code shall be computed as though such volunteer received the same remuneration as normally received by a regular employee of the employer doing the same or similar work.

As you know work comp rates are much greater than that of a volunteer accident policy which run as low as $300 annually or less than $1 dollar a day.

Please contact us at Mission Guard Insurance today to receive a quote, review your current policy or discuss any exposures you have in relation to volunteers and interns.


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